What Sets Us Apart

Quality Assurance

All members of our team are subject to rigorous quality assurance processes before, during and at the end of each assignment. Clients are given regular opportunities to assess the efficacy of our service during the term of the assignment; we also use peer review in our quest to grow and learn.

Supervision of Associates

All our Associates provide their services within a supervision framework aimed at protecting the emotional wellbeing of our clients and team; we work with a Clinical Psychologist to ensure assignments and assessment methods are tailored appropriately, ethically and effectively to the needs of our clients.

Mentoring of Associates

The Principals of Executive Empowerment provide mentoring and support for our Associates to ensure our services are of the highest order and at the cutting edge of good practice.

Positive Psychology

Our work is based upon and informed by the principles of the field of positive psychology – we are goal oriented and encourage clients to identify and build upon their successes and proven strengths to build their own plans for their growth and development.

Academic Rigour

We are currently providing expert advice to a long term national research project inquiring into the efficacy of executive coaching; we believe in and support the symbiotic relationship between theory and practice, and we employ the latest business processes currently taught at leading University Schools of Business to underpin and inform the services we deliver.

Subject Matter Expertise

The diverse experience and expertise of our Associates is an asset for our clients; we leverage off that diversity to select the best Associate who will provide subject matter expertise for each assignment.


Executive Empowerment provides a percentage of our profits to support the tremendous contributions of vital, not-for-profit community organisations. Our Associates also provide pro bono executive coaching to CEO’s and Directors of these community agencies and charitable organisations to ensure they optimise their management capabilities.