Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can be a highly efficacious strategy in developing the best potential in leaders at any level in an organisation. Our Associates bring substantial individual business and management experience to their work. Depending on the needs of each client, we will recommend the most suitable Associate from our team to engage with the client to identify and attain goals appropriate to each particular situation. We use an empowerment model of coaching which allows each client to create, select and implement the best strategies suited to their unique situation with guidance and support from the Coach.

Tailored Programs

There are no "off the shelf" programs in Executive Empowerment – following a detailed needs analysis, we will propose a program tailored to the unique requirements of each client or team. Where it is the organisation that has engaged us, our approach is to initially meet with the Human Resources representative and/or target coachee's manager to understand why they believe coaching is needed. We will then meet with the manager and coachee together to discuss any issues and identify goals for our coaching relationship. At regular intervals during the coaching program we return to these three-way meetings to ensure the manager is satisfied with our progress and allow the coachee to articulate their thoughts on the process.

Quality Assurance

Executive Empowerment leverages off the formidable business and coaching experience of our Associates by providing clients with regular opportunities to assess the current, ongoing success of our interventions, rather than wait till the end of an assignment. This feedback allows us to refine our approach and adjust our processes to ensure we are providing the highest level of assistance in each unique assignment.

Coach to Coach Programs

We are also experienced in delivering and embedding comprehensive coaching and mentoring systems within organisations – we will assist in providing structure and training for mentors and mentees, the selection of personnel equipped with the skills to offer coaching to their colleagues and junior staff, we will provide training programs to ensure they approach this role in a planned and intentional manner, and we will facilitate workshops at which both the coach and their protégé can begin the new relationship and identify their goals and agree a plan of action. These programs can be undertaken with individual managers or presented as part of a comprehensive framework aimed at improving the quality of coaching and mentoring across an organisation.