Sports Empowerment

Sports Empowerment is the investigative arm of Executive Empowerment. We have over 12 years' experience in working for sports organisations at the national, state and local levels to provide qualified investigations in cases of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Our Director, Vicki Fraser, has been a Consultant to the Australian Sports Commission since 1998 and was instrumental in implementing their Harassment-Free Sports program across Australia. Vicki was a consultant to the N.R.L. in preventing sexual harassment, to the Australian Swimming Team prior to the Athens Olympics in assisting elite athletes to feel safe and secure in a variety of contexts. She has consulted to Soccer, Netball, Tennis, Basketball and many other sports at the national and state levels in creating strong cultures of safety from bullying and abuse. Vicki and our other Associates have also provided quality training programs for a wide variety of sports organisations in investigating, mediating and preventing abuse, bullying and harassment and in protecting children in sport.