Executive Empowerment participates in works of a philanthropic nature within the community.

We believe that the services we offer make real differences to organisations. We also strongly believe that we have an obligation to ensure that those organisations that would benefit from our services, but are not in a position to access them due to the nature of their work, should not be disadvantaged. We believe this is a socially responsible thing for us to do. This belief is the cornerstone of our Company and our team of Associates.

This work includes funding or supporting community programs and the provision by our Associates of pro bono executive coaching for managers of community organisations and charities.

Working with these organisations and charities serves as a reminder to our Team of the gratitude we feel for the privileges we enjoy and the importance of giving generously of our time, our skills and our support.

Our current financial commitments are to World Vision in support of children in underprivileged communities and to Edgar's Mission which rescues abandoned or abused animals.