Executive Empowerment offers mediation services to address any situation of conflict either within an organisation or between organisations and their customers. Harassment and discrimination, disagreements over business arrangements and the very common inter-personal conflicts and communication breakdowns that afflict all organisations from time to time are all within our range of expertise.

Our team includes Associates who are accredited through the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators of Australia to undertake mediations and who have substantial success and experience in such endeavours.

We employ the Harvard Ten-Step Model of Mediation, a method that can be applied to any conflict situation, no matter how large or small. An important criterion for using mediation is some demonstration of intent or goodwill on behalf of parties involved to resolving the situation. Our specialists can help to determine the goals of the parties and guide them through this simple process.

Should it eventuate that mediation is inappropriate for the situation at hand, our specialists can undertake high quality, confidential investigations or inquiries to determine what actions your organisation can take to resolving the situation.