Leadership Victoria

Leadership Victoria is an independent nonprofit organisation that develops and enhances leaders across all sectors.

Bobbie Sumner

Bobbie Sumner is a Life Coach whose primary focus is aimed at the spiritual dimension of life. She facilitates her clients’ ability to find the larger spiritual context for life’s challenges. Bobbie’s coaching accelerates the clients’ spiritual growth and raises their level of awareness thereby increasing their ability to work in harmony with others. Her diverse and rich experiences will serve others that are looking for greater depth and meaning to their lives.

Tilde University Press

Tilde University Press is a publisher of academic and leadership texts and supplies books on a wide range of leadership topics.

Alliance Partners

One of the strengths of Executive Empowerment is our ability to leverage off the dynamism and flexibility of our team, sometimes in concert with our Alliance Partners, to ensure our focus is strongly on the needs of our clients. These Alliance Partnerships allow us to bring the most appropriate expertise to the needs of each unique assignment and guarantee we meet your expectations.