Executive Empowerment

Company Profile

When you work with Executive Empowerment, you partner with an experienced collective of minds and cutting edge expertise to empower your thinking and your leadership.

Unlike any other industry provider, Executive Empowerment offers a structured and measured approach to the many unique needs of our clients in order to:
  • create a strong sense of mastery in their work role
  • deliver solid, productive and expanding business outcomes
  • understand and manage important relationships
  • develop a deeper sense of calm and control in their work environment
  • create a stronger sense of self-worth
  • enjoy a more effective work day, including management of their time
  • assist in exploring key career decisions
  • lower stress levels
  • create a better work/life balance, and
  • develop increased enjoyment and pride in their work.

Our methods are tailored to each client, and include:
  • Diagnosis of presenting problems and underlying causative factors
  • Research into the business and individual context for each client
  • Clear definition and agreement of goals
  • Engagement with the client to ensure shared goals
  • Use of the principles of positive psychology to inform and underpin our work
  • Coaching, mentoring and practical skills training to ensure achievement of goals
  • Ongoing support and evaluation to ensure strategies are relevant and desired changes are permanent.

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