Executive Empowerment

Academic Profile

Executive Empowerment currently works with leadership teams, Deans, Heads of Department, senior academics and administrators at a number of universities to assist them in developing their capabilities in culture change, staff motivation and individual and team leadership. Members of our team are currently providing a tailored leadership program for aspiring Heads of Department at a major Melbourne Group of 8 University.

We advise and facilitate Departments, Schools and Faculties in the development of their strategic plans and industry engagement endeavours.

Our understanding of the challenges facing leaders in academic environments enables us to provide advice and mentoring at an exceedingly qualified level, supported and grounded in our personal  experience as managers in the corporate and government sectors. 

Our Director, Peter FitzGerald, was involved in the development of, and an advisor to, an ARC funded project studying the efficacy of executive coaching being carried out by senior academics at two Group of 8 Universities and is a co-author (with a leading business Professor and a psychologist and senior lecturer at Monash University) of two texts on leadership and executive coaching.   Peter is a member of the Monash University Management Department Advisory Board and is a member of the Australian Institute of Management (Victoria Branch) Academic Board.

Our Associate, Helen Hayes, has worked at the executive level in universities in Australia and Scotland and, for a period of eight years until recently, was a member of the Stanford University Advisory Council for Information. She has held roles at the University of Melbourne as Executive Director, Knowledge Transfer and Vice Principal for Information, and at the University of Edinburgh as Vice Principal for Knowledge Management.

Our other Director and all other Associates have significant experience working as executive coaches assisting senior university personnel.

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